Changing People’s Lives Through GameFi

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One simple solution for the new era of Metaverse

Whether you are a player or manager, Metabase will drastically simplify your day-to-day workflow. From tracking your progress and earnings to withdrawing your in-game tokens, we make it seamless and scalable for players and guild to access multiple play to earn games.

  • Easily manage all your incoming GameFi earnings and review it in one dashboard.

  • Access and gain income from GameFi faster by matching the players with the NFT owners.

  • Avoid getting scammed by fraudulent managers by locking player shares into the system and seamlessly convert token earnings into fiat through our proprietary off ramp services.

  • Securely lend assets to players using our Ledger Enterprise hardware wallet.

Multiple game titles to be made available

Axie Infinity


Star Atlas



World of Cryptia

Thetan Arena


Gods Unchained

Guild of Guardians


Chainz Arena

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Managers / Guilds

  • Monitor & manage players performance and payouts;
  • Find and filter the best players;
  • Avoid hassle by having a summary of all gaming activities.

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  • Access games by matching with NFT owners;
  • Monitor performance & earnings from multiple gaming activities;
  • Seamless off ramp services for various in-game tokens.

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